New Electronic Technical Manual n. 247

Leonardo Righini

Centro Ricerche Elettroniche


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New! A technical manual particularly addressed to all the worldwide electronic equipment fans! The New Electronic Technical Manuals series collect original projects of assembled and certified equipment "DIY," (do it yourself) which have a utilitarian purpose for everyday use in order to learn “how to do” electronic equipment without beeing a super expert. A new series of international english manuals dedicated to those who want to understand - having a lot of fun - and finalize their electronic passion and knowledge in the practical realization of devices useful in everyday life. In general we tried to publish projects with innovative components, compatible with the economic and technical possibilities of the readers. Professional tools and machines have their place, both in professional and industrial context, with sections devoted. We also collected articles on research, discoveries, new components and interviews, not forgetting the young people and their needs to deepen their knowledge of electronics.

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